Barnett's Rambling Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Gentlemen

 Here is our handsome young men, all very unique in what they have to offer.Scroll down to visit each one.

All measurements are from withers to the floor and from prosternum to buttocks and leg length ratio is from elbow to ground. Click on sire and dam photos to enlarge them.



(2014 and 2015 TOP TEDDY !)

Black,White, Tan

Championed on Oct. 6,2012 in Hickory NC

Grand Championed on June 17, 2013 Kalamazoo Michigan

Born: Jan.  2012

 Thank you Tom and Teresa for a fabulous boy. He loves to talk to you, and is such a smart boy. Zorro is my soul mate, one fantastic teddy with a huge hunting drive  that is true to the breed ! SOLID MUSCLE !!!

Height: 12.5 inches

Length:   16. 5  inches    Ratio: 10:7

Leg Length Ratio: 6 inches

Weight:  24 lbs

OFA Test Results: PLL CLEAR 


                                  PRA-PCD Clear

                                  Hips good, Patellas good, Eye Cert. Good


 Sire: Ch. Weebits Coin of Realm  ( AKA Moose)*Casino's son

 Dam: Ch. Weebits Southern Belle Of RWK 

 GRAND Champion Weebits Zorro 


 Shado( UKC & AKC FSS)

Blue,White, Tan

Born:  March 29,2017

 We love our Shado and so proud of how he represents the best of his sire and dam. Can't wait to see him fully mature one more TANK ! Very loving boy that likes to jump 


Height:  11  inches

Length:     Ratio: 10:7

Leg Length Ratio: 

Weight:  15 lbs

OFA Test Results: PLL CLEAR 


                                  PRA-PCD Clear

Sire: GRCH Weebits Zorro

Dam: Weebits Fleur De Lune  "Moon"


Black tan and white

Born March 29, 2017

Derby is such a sweet gentle boy and is rocking the UKC and AKC FSS ring. He is now an UKC CHAMPION and will begin showing for CM points in AKC! He is a great little TEddy!

Height: 10 1/2 inches

Lenght   Ratio  10:7

Weight: 15 lbs

OFA Test Results: PLL clear, DM CLEAR, and PRA-PCD Clear

Sire: GRCH Weebits Zorro

Dam: Webits Fleur De Lune "Moon"