Barnett's Rambling Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Puppy Contract

Puppy Contract
Barnett's Rambling Terriers

          Thank you for purchasing a puppy from us. We have done our best to provide a
healthy, happy and social puppy . Please know that your puppy needs to go immediately home with you. We do not recommend that the puppy be under any further stress by taking him/her to other places until he/she is settled with his/her new family.
For this health guarantee to be valid, you (the buyer) must take the puppy received to your veterinarian within 7 (seven) days of arrival in your hands or next series of shots.
If within 7 (seven) days of receiving your puppy the veterinarian
discovers a congenital defect that will alter the puppies' life the seller must be provided a statement from the vet. Replacement on this puppy will be made. NO cash will be refunded. You are responsible for all fees acquired while the puppy is in your care. The affected puppy must be sent back to us with all of his/her paperwork that went to you by us. We are not responsible for any parasites that may be present. We treat for those but it is a well known fact that puppies pick these up easily. See below for the 5 year Health guarantee on puppies. Buyer agrees all dogs bred by Barnett's Rambling Terriers should carry the prefix Barnett's on it's registry and pedigree papers. All puppies are sold without a guarantee to height, size or weight as an adult dog, due to unpredictability. The buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Georgia and the county of Forsyth.We are NOT responsible for any vet bills that may incur with your puppy, Please keep his/her medical records as this is very important for his/her life to be a healthy one.
Your puppy has been vaccinated according to our vets recommendations.
Please enjoy the new life you have purchased, they are precious and need to be treated as such. WE have loved having these puppies in our lives and are trusting that they continue to be loved and nurtured by you.
We do our best to send you the best quality puppy and we take pride in doing
so. Your puppy has been fed ____________________ at _______ and __________ in the amount of __________.
Please sign the contract/bill of sale, keep one copy for your records. Bill of sale will be signed and given upon delivery of the puppy.
We love our puppies and at any time you find that you cannot keep a puppy/adult dog for some unforeseen reason, please give us a call. We would like to help in finding that puppy a new family if at all possible. If your puppy comes with a spay or neuter contract papers will not be released until a certificate or receipt from your vet is received stating spay or neuter was performed at the appropriate age. If said dog is not neutered or spayed by a certain deadline dog must be returned to breeder. Show puppies havea different contract please ask at the time of purchase. 

We guarantee our puppies for 5 years

Puppy must have been to the vet by the time specified in the contract  to honor the 5-year replacement guarantee
 otherwise the puppy is guaranteed  for 7 days or until next set of shot is due. 
 We replace your puppy purchased from us for any genetically-diagnosis.
We do not replace puppies lost due to neglect or parasites. 
*Sick animals MUST BE under Veterinary Care at the time of death.
Veterinary verification of death is required or genetic defect. 
Replacement is limited to Available Puppies or Future Pick of Litter and based on credit of actual purchase price verse price of replacement puppy. 
Our dogs are health tested and we do everything in our power to give you a happy healthy pup but things can still happy. Just ask if you have any questions.  All dogs are guaranteed for up to AGE 5. If you are getting an older dog it is also guaranteed up to age 5, if older than age 5 no guarantee is given but they will always have a home with us if needed. 


Name:_____________________ Date:______              New Given Name :_____________________________
Sex:_______ Color/Markings:___________________   Tail:   docked    natural bob    full
Birthdate:___________ Sold: Date_____


Phone: ____________________________

Price: __________ Deposit Paid Amount___________Payment Method:________

* All deposits are non-refundable.

*Health Record attached. ______ Spay/Neuter contract prior to release of registration papers. Deadline:_________

Other Important Information:

Food :____________________________________________________________________

Shots Due:________________________________________________________________


Vet Visit DUE BY : _________________Signature: Breeder____________________  Buyer :__________________