Barnett's Rambling Teddy Roosevelt Terriers AKC FSS Misc SHOW NEWS

Royal Canin National Show in Orlando 2022 Our boy Barnett's Forever and A Day won the Misc/Open Best In Show !!!!! Congrats Everly we are very proud !!!

           Royal Canin Nationals   Dec. 2021

               Barnett's Mysterious Riddle

                          Riddle's BCAT 2021

                    Rikki's BCAT Title 2021

Everly, Shado and Derby at Royal Canin 2019 representing the Teddy Breed

Barnett's Mysterious Riddle  AkA Riddle 

                  at 6 months of age !

Barnett's Forever and A Day AKA Everly Running Fast Cat Tammy Stephanie
Barnett's  Mysterious Riddle at 6 months of age Looking at mom
Barnett's Dream Time Gal  AKA Didi at her 1st show 6 months of age
Barnett's Mysterious Riddle

                     her first time showing  2021

       Royal Canin Nationals 2021

          Barnett's Rambling Weebits Otto

Barnett's Dream Time Gal  AKA Didi 1st show at 6 months of age she did amazing! 2021
Barnett's Always Dreaming strutting his stuff   AKA Derby
Barnett's Always Dreaming stacking nicely for the judges
Barnett's Rambling Legacy AKA Rikki earning his BCAT title in May 2021
Barnett's Shado Dancer  AKA Shado  stacking pretty as a young pup
Barnett's Moonlite Aurora   AKA Rorey  

                1st time Barn Hunting

Barnett's Rambling Legacy as a young show dog  AKA Rikki 2021
Barnett's Once in a Blue Moon AKA Mystery 

showing off her beautiful front 2021

Barnett's Shadow Dancer at Nationals in 2018 as a young dog
Barnett's Rambling Legacy as a young dog- love his movement  2019
Barnett's ALways Dreaming AKA Derby as a young dog winning Best in MISC
Weebits Party Time Gal  AKA GIDGET SHOWING my pride and joy
 Derby   Everly and Mystery as young dogs
 Derby as a more mature boy
Mystery in Nov 2020
Puzzler(Sprite) First puppy show  Nov 2020
Barnett's Mysterious Riddle's first  AKC show in Nov 2020 she is 5 months old.
Barnett's Mysterious Puzzler AKA Sprite enjoying her first show LOL She is 5 months old
Barnett's Rambling Legacy AKA RIKKI 2021