Barnett's Rambling Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Puppies

****Puppies and Adults

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** All adults and pups come with a spay or neuter contract and limited AKC FSS registration...unless otherwise discussed.. Please remember that an adult dog takes much longer to adjust than a puppy to their new environment  and we are looking for the right home for each please don't be upset if we ask questions, and hope you feel free to ask any questions you may have as well. Our goal is the right home for all our babies.  A contract is reguired for each and every pup see our Contract page on this site. 

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    UPDATED 05/2024

Puppies available : placements are made in the order of show picks first, then we will contact in order based on our puppy waiting list. ALL pups come with spay/neuter contracts before papers are released. 

Adults available  Adoption fee $200 to cover shots and spay/neuter.

Puppy fee is $700-$950 with Health tested parents and spay/neuter contract 

We are located in North Georgia. I love meeting the future homes of all of my babies, and often check up on them. I love photos and information about past puppies.  

 770-696-3097                Email Us:     

               Upcoming litters is just a prediction of what might occur....until a due date is listed the cross has not been made. We will change this as needed to meet the needs of our family and our beloved pets.  Give us a call if you would like to find out more. Let us know if you want on a waiting list to contact(we do not take deposits) in that we have 1-3 litters a year and do not breed til we know that several of the people interested, and we are looking for a cross to improve the breed. We do NOT breed to keep up with demand for puppies but only what is best for our family and our dogs. Check out our facebook groups for fun photos of our Teddies and great resources from Structure, health, to finding a Teddy puppy or rescue. Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Fancier(Discussion of health concerns/Structure)   Barnett Rambling Terriers Kennel Page     Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Rescue Page

Current  Litters: 


Kimmie x Otto May 2024 ( 2 boys 2 girls)

Aurora x Shado June 2024  ( Black tri piebalds, blue tri piebalds)

WE GUARANTEE OUR PUPPIES 5 YEARS, Not our older adults unless stated in contract.

*Replacement based on Credit of actual purchase price verses price of replacement puppy.

*YOU must  have taken your puppy to the vet by the time specified in the contract  to honor the 5-year replacement guarantee

 otherwise the puppy is guaranteed  for 7 days or until next set of shot is due. We are not responsible for vet expenses when the puppy is in your care.

 We replace your puppy purchased from us for any genetically-diagnosis.

We do not replace puppies lost due to neglect.

*Sick animals MUST BE under Veterinary Care at the time of death.

Veterinary verification of death is required.

Replacement is limited to Available Puppies or Future pup out of a  Litter and based on credit of actual purchase price verse price of replacement puppy. 

Our dogs are health tested and we do everything in our power to give you a happy healthy pup but things can still happen that are unfortunately sometimes unpredictable. Just ask if you have any questions. All current  breeding dogs are Embark Tested, results available upon request.


Teddy Puppies that will become available: message if interested!

Message us to be added to,our waiting list

Kimmie x Otto.      ( 2 boys, 2 girls at least two available)

Aurora x Shado due June 1,2024


                                          ******Adult or RescueTeddies Available*******

If you are looking for an older Teddy, let us know we often take in rescues, or know of healthy older teddies looking for a retirement home. They will spend the rest of their days with US unless a wonderful patient home comes along. Each has their story, personality, and what they need. PM if interested to find out each one's history and story. WHEN you PM we will send more photos. Visit  Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Rescue FB page :